Sydney Demo and Excavation

Welcome to Sydney Demo and Excavation

Sydney Demo and Excavation is an Australian own and run family business that provides services throughout Sydney Metropolitan and greater Sydney. Sydney Demo and Excavation provides services in house demolition, residential, commercial and industrial demolitions. Our other services include major and minor excavation, earthmoving, industrial pavement construction, land subdivision, stormwater system, all civil works, remediation works and asbestos removal.

Our committed and hard working team is ready to meet your program within your budget with a very creative techniques. Also, Sydney Demo and Excavation guarantees best quote for your project in Sydney. Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporates the Project Management System, Quality Management System, Risk Management, Work, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. This tool enable us to ensure, your projects are competed as per your specification, on time and within the budget.



Asbestos Removal

Sydney Demo and Excavation is offering safe asbestos removal services. Our experienced and comprehensively trained personal will provide the best service, safely remove asbestos and asbestos contaminated material and for your peace of mind will provide you a site clearance certificate in accordance with NSW Workcover requirements.

Civil Engineering Services

Sydney Demo and Excavation is a leading civil engineering contractor with many years of experience in delivering quality, innovative and cost effective civil projects across a wide variety of markets. Our projects include inner city projects to suburban works, with the ability to mobilise resources to any location across greater Sydney.

Project Management

Sydney Demo and Excavation  provides a full range of Project Management services that gives your the opportunity to achieve tangible benefits. As project manager, Sydney Demo and Excavation works in your best interest to ensure the project is planned, monitored and managed within the agreed scope to deliver the best possible outcome for your vision.

Remediation works

Remediation works are heavily regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under an Environment Protection Licence (EPL) and Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act Licence. Sydney Demo and Excavation offers access to licenced facilities for all your remediation works. We offer services for various contaminated sites such as asbestos contaminated sites, bio chemicals contaminations, oil/fuel contaminated sites and the like.

Civil Works

Sydney Demo and Excavation offers the services for the construction of roads, sewer system, stormwater and water supply infrastructure associated with a proposed development or land subdivision.

Earth Works

Sydney Demo and Excavation’s aim is to complete all its projects on time, within budget, safely and in the most efficient way. Our fully qualified and highly experienced team have the capabilities and expertise to carry out all aspects of Residential, Commercial and Industrial earthwork projects.

Every project has it’s own challenges – tight deadlines, environmental restrictions, difficult locations – Sydney Demo and Excavation has the skills, equipment and experience to meet these challenges head on.