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Demolition is most often than not the first stage of a larger project that can last months and some cases up to many years. A professional demolition company who is aware of its obligations and responsibilities in terms of WH&S, environment, social obligations and various stakeholders management the future of a project can be set in a positive trajectory which ensures success, without complications, unexpected involvement of various authorities and avoiding fines and penalties. In contrast, a nonprofessional company can, not only attract fines but also significant delays to the project as well as attracting additional critical inspections by various authorities. Therefore, having engaged a professional demolition company will achieve the desired house demolition services and save money in the long term.

Sydney Demolition and Excavation with use of its mechanical equipment such as excavators and team of professional personnel can complete your small, medium and large demolition and excavation projects, on time and within budget.

Types Of Demolition Services

There are two primary types of demolition i.e. non-explosive demolition and explosive demolition. While it may seem like a simple process, demolition also requires more than just tearing down the building. A number of safety procedures need to be carried out prior to a home being demolished which includes:

• Conducting risk assessment and creating Safety Work Method Statements (SWMS), management plans and traffic Management plans.
• Getting all the required resources.
• Removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos contaminated material (ACM) and lead.
• Obtaining clearance certificates before demolition of the structure.

What You Should Opt For?

When you get to get your home demolished it is always a good idea to contact a number of experienced demolition experts. However, an expert service will know exactly what route to take both in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness. You should also opt for a service that has all the right equipment and skills to carry out the process from start to finish.